Are You Ready for the End of the World? This Freezer Is

It’s true: There’s a freezer out there ready for the end of the world. Hidden in the ice and snow of the Arctic is a freezer full of seeds, chillin’ as it waits for the inevitable.

The freezer, the Global Seed Vault, is an “air-locked repository” between the North Pole and Norway that stores a supply of over half a billion seeds, according to GOOD. The seeds are being stowed in an effort to mitigate the effects of human consumption and disruption—as GOOD reports, “a global insurance policy against diminishing genetic diversity.”

The seed-stashing has been led (to date) by Cary Fowler, who began the initiative in 2007. Fowler primarily accepts seeds from areas ravaged by war.

I’ll say this: The Vault gives new meaning to the term ‘sub-zero fridge’!

Source: GOOD

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