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Luci, Peg and Hannah

Hey YOU! This site isn’t about real estate only. Hahaha…Believe Me. Another day I had a Brilliant Idea Of Writing a blog about all the best restaurants in town. I will call “Bozeman Best Bites“! With The Help Of My Friends and Sipping Pinot Noir, we will navigate the Real Estate deals and the Restaurants together. Okay Let Me Throw Out There, My English Grammar Is Not The Best. My Portuguese is better, but you will understand that I Am Brave Enough To Take The Risk For YOU!! I Know We ALL Love To Eat Well! With NO reservations…I Will Write it Anyway, Just Because I Want You to get the Best Bites and the Best Deals here in Bozeman…Be my guest! AND if you are relocating to Bozeman, Call me!

After relocating from Brazil to Bozeman, just took me a few days to figure out that I had to learn how to “Fit In” I guess. I Love To Explore The Unknown, learn new cultures, and take risks. I think to learn new languages is fascinated.

Relocation is a process and Being a “local” REALTOR, and living here for 15 years, specializing in residential relocation for 13, it is fair to say that writing blogs about the local restaurants in town will be as fun as living the life. I always get the question “Which restaurants do you recommend eating?” I totally understand, and I promise you that we will learn together! Bozeman is growing and the Little Big Town is offering “international” flavors… Stick with me…every week you will learn a new thing about “people and places” in downtown Bozeman. With the help of my friends, I decided to explore ALL new and old restaurants in town, taste the food and sip the drinks, maybe learn how to dance salsa, forro, tango…between bites. By the way… we have some great chefs around here, let me tell you! Ask Us!

The Bozeman Best Bites blog is all about OUR favorite restaurants, the food, the drinks…and the deserts… We ALL Love Food Right!? Oh Well!! I Think I Am A Free Spirit, Hungry For Life And Laughs! My Blogs Will Go With The Flow, Or The Flavor… or the Salsa…All About FOOD, Varieties Of Food…Brazilian Food, American Food, Italian Food, Asian Food, Mexican Food, Thai Food, Japanese Food, Chinese Food, Food Food Food…Could Be Greek To Me…A Little Bit This A Little Bit That…We Are A Group Of Businesswomen Going Around Town And Having The Best Bites…I Hope You Enjoy The Tips…AND Maybe If You Decide To Move Here (Call Me FIRST ;), Enjoy The Bozeman Best Bites tips! Cheers!

Check my Blog…EVERY WEEK! I will revealing the names of the BBB restaurants, plus PHOTOS, TASTE and FUN IS COMING SOON.

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